A straight-forward way to learn (UP)BGE

Welcome (UP)BGE Gamer

… and let's start :)

This is open collaborative wiki in order to create and set a documentation of a (UP)BGE template with the goal to achieve these points :

  • creating a solid game system grouping seamlessly : FPS, Third Person Shooter, 3D Fighting (and vehicle driving ?)
  • creating and updating a state-of-the-art downloadable showcase demo with selected assets.

With time and good results, the use of the template could be collaterally extended to …read more.

Temporary flat index to users contribution

Why would we do this ?

First of all, to try to make the best template once for all :) . But also to share ideas and best practices. Also, because the BGE deserves a team project ! Furthermore, later .. ( but this is just an idea) having all the U(BGE) documentation in 1 place would be already awesome. This wiki would be like an applied version of the very old - and now dead :( - tutorialsforblender3d.com . And create a community to share knowledges …read more.

How would we do this ?

In a first time, I will ask people to present on a page their work (whatever it is : patch, full game, demo) just like they do on the forum. Expose the game system created (logics) , underline the game system useful for the template and also present the python controllers created (just explain what their code can do) . Everyone is free to present on the page what they want

Why would we do this here and not on Github ?

No matter the place , only the end results are important. All the work done here could be transfered to github after.

Quick shortcuts to main sections

Game demo

Presentation and demo to download and play


Game logics

Learn how the BGE works and our template's design


Python code

Understand the code used in our template


The assets

Review the objects used in the game and their properties


Read more…

FAQ, more details, all the pages in a list



A list of tutorials

These are the wiki articles:

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