Cybernetic Cephalopod

Inpotant Information: OurProject is currently having some difficulty. The CyberSquid is aware of this. If the problems continue, they will be addressed. Sorry for the inconvenience!


If you have Commit Rights you should be able to upload to the ftp server.
For downloads of the books.
For information about the Subversion hosting go hear.
For the projects Constitution, detailing submissions, policy and resolutions.

Download the Alpha

Theres not much of a game yet, but if you want to see it, you can download the game with Subversion. There is a tutorial explaining how. You don't need to make an account if all you want to do is download. To run the game download UpBge0.2.4Win64, UpBge0.2.4Win32 UpBge0.2.4Linux (link missing, maybe here?). Open the file main.blend in UpBge and click "Game -> Start Game Engine" or "Render -> Standalone Player -> Start".

Contribute Art and Code

Contributing art and code is done threw Subversion. You need to sign up on OurProject. There is a tutorial explaining how. If you want to contribute but don't want to use Subversion you will have to contact a Committer, probably threw one of the forums. Eclipse Phase or Blender Artists.

Contribute Story, References, and Other Ideas

The Game Design Document is hosted here. It can be edited by anyone and is a place for general information so that we are all on the same page about the game.


There is also a Ftp server that we can use to share files. To log on, you will need an account with Commit Rights. Make an account with OurProject and visit the project page. Then click "Request to join".

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