Cybernetic Cephalopod Constitution

Cybernetic Cephalopod Constitution

This Constitution was made with the assumption that it will be changed threw the Administrators Deceive Voting.


Every one who wishes may Contribute pure information to the Wiki. Pure information includes but is not limited too the following;
Story and Script,
Game ideas,
Lists of things like skills or equipment,
In addition material may be Contributed to the forums for consideration and Commitment by the Committers.


Committion Rights shall be given to pretty much every one who asks. Committors are given direct and full access to the Repository. Committing is the preferred way to Contribute Code and Art. Committion Rights may be suspended by an Administrator. Disputes regarding suspension of Committion Rights shall be decided by Decisive Vote.


Administrators moderate forums and other discussions, grant Contribution Rights and permissions, and participate in Decisive Voting.

Administration Rights are granted threw Decisive Vote. All of the following are given Administer Rights without a Decisive Vote, as well. Firsts refer to the first person that would not be otherwise given Administration Rights and wants them.
All people who participated on these two Blender Artists Forum votes.
First that asks for Committion Rights.
First that Commits code.
First that Commits art.
First that Contributes story material on the Wiki.
First from the Blender Artists Forums that asks for it.
First from the Eclipse Phase Forums that asks for it.
First Posthuman Studios representative that asks for it.
Everyone after three meaningful Committions.

If a person has there Rights revoked threw Decisive Vote, no Rights may be given to that person unless reinstated by Decisive Vote. All Administers may dismiss themselves at any time. A dismissed Administrator can be reinstated threw Decisive Vote, the same as anyone else.

Decisive Voting

Decisive Voting allows Administrators the ability to elect, dismiss and revoke the Rights of Administrators, revoke the Rights of Contributers, change the Constitution and other systems, and to settle disputes.

The Initiator clearly writes out the subject of the Decisive Vote. The Decisive Vote ends one month after a reasonable effort has been made to contact all Administrators or when the outcome is decided. The Decisive Vote passes if a majority of voting Administers agree. The Decisive Vote fails on a tie. Non voters and abstainers are not counted. Abstaining is preferable to non voting because it may allow the Decisive Vote to end early. All Administrators are allowed to Decisively Vote even if they are the subject of the Deceive Vote. In the case of an Administration coption, the project should be forked by the Contributers.

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