Cybernetic Cephalopod Game Design Document

This page is for collecting and sharing any pure information regarding the game. This includes, but is not limited to, story, scripts, characters, map sketches, gameplay, reference images, lists of stuff, and general ideas. To Contribute your ideas, log in or create an wikidot account. Then click "edit this page". Also try "edit (sections)" for conciser editing. Every one welcome. Its easy to fix mistakes so just go for it!

General Info

The game will be a standard second person shooter. It will only have one character. Supporting cast will never be around when theres fighting. The character will be able to change morphs, but all morphs will be humanoid and use the Make Human game rig. No vehicles. Checkpoint saving. No inline loading. Cut scenes will be realtime to show the characters morph.

Tutorial Level

The winner of the poll was apocalyptic, so possibly Eclipse Earth, but we don't have to follow the poll. Having the character start on Earth might be a good way to familiarize the player with the setting, scence the character would be fairly ignorant too. Maybe you meet some Firewall agents and get off Earth somehow. I think that stealth will probably be important to the game so maybe this for a first tutorial type level. Its the Ozarks. You have been kicked out of your tribe for some reason. You are trying to approach a rule general store to find some caned goods but there are flying spotter drones around, the four bladed kind. The game tries to teach how to stealth around the drones. Inside the store there are a few exsurgents. There kind of like Terminator Zombie Borgs. Note that this is just an idea. Any one that contributes gets to help decide what we do, so feel free to completely change it.

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