Cybernetic Cephalopod Svn

Download and or Contribute Art and Code

First, to request Commit Rights goto the following link. []
It will ask you to create an account or log in. If you dont want Commit Rights skip this previous step. Next do the following, dependent on your os.

Download UpBge

To run the game download UpBge0.2.4Win64, UpBge0.2.4Win32 UpBge0.2.4Linux (Linux link missing, maybe here?). Open the file main.blend in UpBge and click "Game -> Start Game Engine" or "Render -> Standalone Player -> Start".


Download TortusSvn. []
Follow the instructions in this video.
The server address is []


Run the following commands.

sudo apt install subversion
sudo apt install eric

Goto the directory you want the game installed and run this to download the game.

svn checkout

Load the project.

Project -> Open -> cybersquid.e4p

The project file should be in the top directory that was downloaded.

Update(download) to the newest version.

Project -> Version Control -> Update from repository

Code can be edited in the Sources tab at the top left. Other files can be edited in the Others tab.

Add a new file.

Right Click the file -> Version Control -> Add to repository

Commit(upload) changes to the server.
Project -> Version Control -> Commit changes to repository

If you get this error, or something similar;

svn: E215000: GNOME Keyring is locked and we are non-interactive

Then open the terminal in the project directory and run the command;
svn stat -u -v --username **** --password ****

The username and password in the command is for the server and is the same as the one for Ourproject. The command will ask for your keyring password, witch is probably the same as your computer password. If you find a better fix for this problem please edit this page!
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