Extended Expand Path Tutioral


bge.logic.expandPath can be extended to include user paths, custom working directories, and existence checks.




Place this code in a file called expandPath.py, contained in the same directory as the .blend.

def expandPath(path, workingPath=False, check=False):
  'https' = raise ValueError because bge doesn't seem to support https
  'http' = returns unmodified path
  '//' = working directory of the blend
  '/' = absolute path
  '~/' = user path
  '' = working directory supplied by workingPath
  if check is True and path dose not point to a file,
  a FileNotFoundError will be raised.
  import bge
  # https://docs.python.org/3/library/os.path.html#module-os.path
  import os.path
  if path.startswith('https'):  raise ValueError('Bge dose not seem to support https.  Try simply removing the s in the path.  Changing https:// to http://')
  # If its http, assume the path is not relative.
  elif path.startswith('http'):  return path
  if not path.startswith('/'):  #'//' and '/' are handled by the bge
    # Solve a user path.
    if path.startswith('~'):  path = os.path.expanduser(path)
    # Add the working path if supplied.
    elif workingPath:  path = workingPath+'/'+path
    # If nothing works raise an exception.
    else:  raise ValueError('The path '+path+' has an unrecognized prefix and no workingPath was supplied.')
  # If the path has already been solved than bge.logic.expandPath will leave it alone.
  path = bge.logic.expandPath(path)
  # Check to see if the file actaly exists.
  if check and not os.path.exists(path):  raise FileNotFoundError('The path '+path+' was not found.')
  return path


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