Game Font Tutorial


When using a font in a game, it is important that the font is monospaced and easy to read. Unfortunately the Bge's default font is not.


A monospaced font maintains a consistent width for all letters. Compare a w and an i. If the w is bigger then the i, then a large number of ws will run over your ui, breaking the frame. If you size the font for ws then a large number of is will not use available space well. In addition there can be problems with rowed text lining up in collums.


A good place to get fonts is Font Libary Org. The fonts have licensing explicitly stated, making it easer to find one suitable for your particular project. You can also search specifically for monospaced fonts. Liberation Mono is a Sil licenced font that is an adequate choice for most situations.
Font Library Org
Font Library Monospaced
Font Library Liberation Mono


Create a font object and select it. Click on the data tab, it looks like an F. There are a number of blender's standard data loading bars. Set each one to the new font. This will need to be done for each text object that uses a different font. Make sure you distribute the font with your game.

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