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Receive text input and send it as a message. Usefull for things like names.


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Create a plane for the background. Call it TextInput. Give it a material. Enable Shadeless, Object Color, and Transparency. Set its Object Color, giving it partial alpha. Give the background the shown nodes and properties. Create a Text object. Name it TextInput Text. Parent it to the background object. Give it the same material. Set its Object Color but give it full alpha.



import bge
# https://docs.python.org/3/library/json.html
import json
class TextInput(bge.types.KX_GameObject):
  def __init__(self, DNU):
    self.text = self.child('Text')
    self.text.localScale *= self['scaleFix']
    # Apparently self.color returns a vector but will not accept one.
    self.baseColor = self.color.x, self.color.y, self.color.z, self.color.w
    # This is the color the bar will be when typing.
    # json converts the string to a list.
    self.activeColor = json.loads(self['activeColor'])
    self.collum = self['collum']
  def input(self):
    mOver = self.sensors['MouseOver'].positive
    mLeft = self.sensors['MouseLeft'].positive
    # Returns True is mOver and mLeft are positive, False otherwise.
    mClick = mOver and mLeft
    kEnter = self.sensors['KeyEnter'].positive
    kAny = self.sensors['KeyAny'].positive
    if mClick or kEnter:
      # If logging is on, turn it off.
      if self.logOn:  self.logOn = False
      # If logging is off turn it on.
      else:  self.logOn = True
      # If logging is toggled, end the script immediately.
    if self.logOn:
      if kAny:
        # If the string fits in the box, then set the text to it.
        if len(self['_logText']) < self.collum:
          # The underscore is meant to indicate that this property is not meant to be modified by the user.
          self.text.text = self['_logText']
          # Get the last eight characters, then reverse them.
          self.text.text = self['_logText'][:-self.collum-1:-1][::-1]
  def logOn(self):  return self['_logTogle']
  def logOn(self, isOn):
    if isOn:
      # Change the color of the bar.
      self.color = self.activeColor
      # Clear the text.
      self['_logText'] = ''
      self.text.text = ''
      # Turn on logging.
      self['_logTogle'] = True
      # Reset the bars color.
      self.color = self.baseColor
      # Json assumes characters will be contained in quotes,
      # We also need to remove the newline added when enter was pressed.
      msg = '"'+self['_logText'][:-1]+'"'
      # Send the submitted text as a message.
      bge.logic.sendMessage(self['msgSubject'], msg)
      # Turn off logging.
      self['_logTogle'] = False
  # http://upbge.wikidot.com/child-by-name-tutorial
  def child(obj, child):
    name = obj.name.split('.')
    try:    suffix = '.'+name[1]
    except IndexError: suffix = ''
    return obj.childrenRecursive[name[0] +' '+child+ suffix]
# http://upbge.wikidot.com/oop-in-bge-tutorial
BASE_CLASS = TextInput
def sub(cont):
  self = cont.owner
  if isinstance(self, BASE_CLASS):  return self
  else:  return BASE_CLASS(self)
def input(cont):  cont.owner.input()


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