Logic Bricks

Logic bricks are suitable for simple games similar to arcade Scrollers.

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Beginner Python

Beginner Python is suitable for simple major games such as a single player First Person Shooter.

  • Extended Expand Path - User paths, custom working directories, and existence checks.
  • Child by Name - Easily get a child object using a strict naming convention.
  • Coundown Timer - Create countdown timers for things like skill cooldowns.
  • Game Font - Change the default font to a monospaced one.
  • Texture Change - Change the texture of an objects material.
  • Global vs Local Scope - Learn about Global vs Local scope and how they relate to Module and Script controllers.

Advanced Python

Advanced Python is necessary to make complex games like computer Role Playing Games.

  • Error Logger - Log all exceptions to a file.
  • Library Loader - Easily manage dynamic asset loading similarly to Blenders library references.
  • Deep Import - Import an attribute of a module from a string.
  • WeakValueDictionary - Store items without preventing garbage collection.
  • Json Coder - Interpret custom json objects, and send arbitrary objects over the message sensor.
  • Object Orientated Programing in the Bge - Stop messing around and learn how to program for real :)
  • Text Input - Allow the user to input text.
  • Text Console - Print text to an in game console.
  • Hover Text - Display information about the object being hovered over.
  • Thumbnail - Display a picture based off the object being hovered over.
  • Setting Setter - Store settings and keybinds in a readable .ini file.
  • Sheet Syllabus - Store information about characters, equipment and such stuff, in readable .ini files.


Some games may require specialization, necessitating writing C libraries or modifying the engine itself.

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  • Subversion - Use Subversion Svn to submit content.

YouTube Tutorials

Here you will find systems and logic of youtuber users random Blender and Upbge.

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